Block Paving Driveways Preston, Chorley, Southport

Driveway Design & Installation for Lancashire and Southport.

Driveways in Lancashire

Do you find yourself having to drive around looking for a parking space when you come home from work? Do you have to carry your weekly shop from the street to your front door or get your children safely in the car without having a convenient place to park?

A driveway offers an ideal solution to these problems and more

Adding a professionally constructed driveway to your property can help you solve your family’s parking problems by creating valuable parking spaces, or even room for a caravan. Where you park can also have a positive impact on your car insurance. By parking on your own private driveway, insurers may view your car as more secure and less at risk of theft or damage, which can reduce how much you pay.

A bespoke driveway also offers a relatively inexpensive but effective way to add value to your property and enhance its exterior, making it more appealing to potential buyers in the future. It can save precious time, money and energy too when it comes to keeping on top of the garden.

High quality driveways that complement your home

At MPR Landscapes, we offer a wide selection of high quality materials for driveway design and construction in the Lancashire region. These include:

• Block paving
• Concrete
• Flagging
• Indian Stone
• Gravel
• Tarmac

From the outset, we will listen to your tastes, requirements and budget to help you maximise the space you have for your driveway and create a design that reflects your needs. By offering a comprehensive range of styles and colours, we can create an elegant, durable driveway that perfectly complements and enhances the exterior of your home.