As we complete landscaping projects across Preston, Leyland and Chorley there is one problem that a huge percentage of our clients are suffering with and that is water logged lawns.

Our clients are:

– Pegging their washing out in their wellies through the summer.

– Unable to let their children or dogs on the lawn at all because it’s wet through, slippery and sometimes under that much water it’s a danger.

The lawns are wet through, the water un-able to drain away naturally and this is due to poor soil quality in most cases. Quite often the ground is clay like and full of rubble and bricks on the new build estates.
In some cases there are land drains installed but installed incorrectly so they aren’t working.

At MPR Landscapes we understand that if a job is being done, we do it properly so it stays working for years to come. Here is the process we follow for land drainage:

– Remove current water logged lawn and poor quality soil.

– Dig the land drainage channels to the correct depth and width.

– So the drainage stays working we add 20 mm limestone to the base of the channel so the pipe always stays clean.

-Place in the land drainage perforated pipe and pipe to appropriate drain.

– We then top the piping with more 20 mm limestone so the pipe is protected from the new soil and stays working for years to come.

– Excellent quality top soil is then added and leveled.

– The garden is then beautifully turfed.

If you have any questions about land drainage or what you can do to improve the use ability of your garden then don’t hesitate to get in-touch.

Please take a look at these image galleries so you can see the process in which we follow.