We don’t think there is anything nicer than the smell of fresh cut grass but have to agree that artificial grass has some major plus points, what do you think?

More and more people are having their lawns dug up and artificial grass installed so we thought we would take you through some of the advantages.

1. No Watering.
Artificial grass requires no watering at all so this offers you a saving on your water bill and no worrying about if the hose pipe ban comes back into action in your borough.

2. Low Maintenance and More Enjoyment.
Artificial Lawns require no mowing what so ever. So fantastic news for you if you dread getting the mower out every couple of weeks and other aspects of such as weeds cropping up and fertilizing..As it’s so low maintenance artificial grass installation is great for so many families these days who are busy with long working hours and school. When the weather is nice you can get straight out in the garden with minimum fuss required.

3. No More Mud!
This aspect is what appeals to most of our clients. There is always that bit of grass in the garden which doesn’t grow properly and ends up a small bud bath. Typically the dog always heads to it and then trods muddy paw prints allover the house. This is no longer a problem with artificial grass installed.

4. Lush Green Colour all year.
Artificial Grass is green all year round which is so nice to look at. No yellow/brown patches to be seen and it really keeps the garden looking bright in the darkest of winters.

5. Child and Pet Perfect.
There are so many styles and types of grass available and they make fantastic play areas for children at home and at nursery/school play grounds. There are a range of colours and safety mats too which look fantastic and can make wonderful safe, clean areas for play. The grasses are pet safe and dogs often love the soft feel of artificial grass to lay down and sunbathe on.

Please let us know your thoughts on artificial grass if you have any?

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