Having work done in or around your home can be a minefield and it’s natural to want to know you’re employing the right company for the job. We know that there are many rouge traders around in the UK, lots of TV shows highlight their existence but we have our own top tips in order to help you when deciding to have a landscaper or landscaping company work for you.

1.Do they have insurance?

Reputable companies will carry fully public liability insurance. This covers against accidental damage and genuine contractors won’t mind showing you a copy of their insurance certificate either in print or via email.

2. Do they have testimonials and references?

What other people say about a business speaks volumes so always ask if the company/contractor has testimonials, references or customer comments you can view or even contact. Have they got any reviews on social media platforms that you can view? Social proof and social media platforms are a great place to look and review a company.

3. Have they given you a written quotation?

A written or emailed quotation is vital for your peace of mind in knowing exactly what you are getting for your money. A company may verbally give you a quote but always get this in writing too.
The quotation should describe a description of works to be carried out and all the costings involved.

There are many more pointers to take into account when hiring a landscaping company but these three are what we consider to be the most important.

Whatever company you use don’t be afraid to ask questions about them, their experience & the works they will carry out for you. Genuine contractors won’t bat an eyelid and will be more than happy to answer your questions and put you at ease.