Is your garden ready for Spring?

Winter seems to have dragged out in 2013 so far, the snowing would have been much more welcome at Christmas 2012 but never mind. We seem to be having a few more crisp & bright mornings which make the day get off to a better start.

Spring may not be here just yet but here are some things you can be doing in your garden to get ready.

1. Have a clean & organise. I know it’s not the most enjoyable of tasks but it will get you off on the right foot for when the nice weather arrives. We don’t get much glorious weather here so when it does arrive you want to be sat enjoying it and not breaking a sweat. At least with the crisp weather you can be productive and keep warm!
The shed/greenhouse typically gets abandoned as soon as winter sets in, those freezing temperatures aren’t inviting for even the avid gardener. Now is the perfect time to banish the cobwebs, open the windows and let some fresh air circulate in. De-clutter and dispose of broken tools and pots. Feeling ready and prepared will certainly aid your garden. If you don’t have a shed or out house to prepare you can gather leaves that have fallen, sweep off outdoor areas and clean any pots or outdoor decor you may have.

2.Garden furniture. If your benches, table and chairs have been left to battle the winter elements they may be in need of some TLC. A rub down and a fresh lick of paint can spruce them up no ends. Once it’s done it’s done, you can even add a funky colour to add some excitement to tired furniture. If your furniture is beyond needing some TLC pop down to your local garden centre, some of them have fantastic pre Spring sales and why not take advantage of their great prices now before they hike back up again?

3.Winter weeds. Even during the misery of winter weeds can pepper into the garden. You can start now removing them ensuring to get the root. Spending 30 mins out there a couple of times a week could save you having to use weed killer in the summer. You may also come across shrubs that have perished by removing them will give you more space for new planting. Let’s be honest it’s a pain but somebody has to do it.

4.Prepare your lawn. The lawn may not be quite ready for its first cut of 2013 but the time is getting nearer. The lawn can look in a sorry state after winter so you can rake up any debris such as rotting leaves or thatch. This is good to do because if you do add fertilizer when spring is with us it can do its job rather than sitting on old debris. You can also give your lawn mower a quick once over to check it is working correctly.

5. Don’t panic! If all the above sounds like well frankly a lot of hard work and you don’t have the time don’t fret. Local gardening companies will be starting their maintenance packages in the next few weeks. You can always obtain free quotations and have a chat to them for general gardening advice. If you are thinking of hard landscaping works such as driveways, patio areas and fencing now is the time to start speaking to local, reputable landscaping contractors to obtain quotations and their garden design input should you need it. They should be fully insured and have good testimonials. It may seem a tad previous but they are now booking projects in their diary for 2013. Obtain at least 3 quotations and don’t be afraid to ask questions and add your design flare.

If you would like any advice or would like to book a free quotation please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01254 830238 or 07584576542.

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