This weekend in the North West we have seen some un-believable snow weather. Where we live in Brinscall, Nr Chorley, Lancashire has had a huge covering of snow.

It started on Thursday evening with howling winds and then the snow started blowing in. With the wind driving it and not stopping snowing for nearly 24 hours it was very bleak and the snow drifts started piling up. The council gritter was stuck at one point!

We had started a Patio re-laying project but were un-able to work due to the garden being covered in the white stuff.

So it seems this wintery blast is set to stay another week or so. If you have had snow we have compiled 5 Top Winter Garden Tips for you to take a peek at if you feel brave enough to enter the garden.

1. Conifer or hedge rows can get quite damaged and mis -shapened due to the weight of the snow. Once all snow has gone you can put some garden cane into the ground and wrap some twine/string around the hedge/conifer to aid the shape getting back to normal. After 3 – 6 months the growth should be shaping back into form nicely.

2. Try to keep of the lawn as walking on it when frosty/snowy as it can cause damage. When frost is present it and you walk on it can snap the grass blades as they can’t bend properly due to the frost. This can take some time to repair. (Snow man making is lots of fun though!)

3. Pick up your pots and re-locate them to a snow free area of the garden. if they are sat in a bucket/saucer style container or on the ground and sitting in the water which is thawing and re-freezing won’t do them any good.

4. If your Evergreens are being damaged by the weight of the snow give them a gentle shake to remove the snow if it has thawed slightly, but be-careful! If any limbs are damaged when the snow has gone you can remove them.

5. When the snow has disappeared and you think you may have lost some plants give them time and see. If they are gone completely you can start planning what to re-plant in your newly available space. I always do this part in the warm assisted by a huge mug of tea.

Taking a trip to your local garden centre is a great idea for general tips, help and to browse plant and seed selections.

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